What is Wings Over Florida ?

Wings Over Florida is a FREE awards program open to resident AND non-resident Florida birdwatchers.  It's purpose is to encourage YOU to take your skills to the next level by identifying as many birds as you can within the state.

As your skills increase and you identify more and more birds, you can apply for higher and higher levels of achievement.  Full color certificates are awarded at five levels starting at a life list of 50 Florida species (Beginner) and ending at 350 species (Elite Florida Birder).  Simply fill out a Wings Over Florida checklist and application sheet  and send it to the Commission for review.

Who can apply ?

Whether you are an experienced birder or just starting out, you can apply for a Wings Over Florida birding certificate.  This program is open to residents and non-residents who bird in Florida.


Where do I begin ?

Identifying Florida's many birds is a challenging activity, especially for those who are just starting out.  Begin by ordering a free application packet (checklist, application sheet, and "Bird Watching Basics") or you can print this material online.  "Bird Watching Basics" will give you information on choosing and using field guides and binoculars plus basic bird identification tips.  Also see other online information about getting started in birding.  Keep track of the birds you identify using your Florida bird checklist.  Once you have reached the first level of achievement, send in your application.

Questions ?

Questions about the program can be e-mailed to wof@fwc.state.fl.us     






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