Official Rules

  • All birds listed must be within the state of Florida when identified.

  • All birds listed must be alive, wild, and unrestrained when identified (birds at the zoo don't count).

  • No exotic species are countable towards Wings Over Florida certificates.

  • All birds listed must be identified by sight or sound by the person submitting the application.

  • One individual may be listed on each certificate awarded.

Please read all rules carefully before submitting your application!

For a list of species countable towards Wings Over Florida certificates, refer to the official checklist.

Levels of Achievement

  • Cardinal Level (Beginner) 50-149 Florida Birds

  • Scrub Jay Level (Intermediate) 150-249 Florida Birds

  • Skimmer Level (Advanced) 250-299 Florida Birds

  • Egret Level (Veteran) 300-349 Florida Birds

  • Kite Level (Elite) 350 or more Florida Birds


Please note:

All certificates received by the Commission go through a review process to ensure count totals are correct and the rules of the program have been followed.  If enough rare birds have been listed to affect an applicant's certificate level, checklists may be returned to the applicant so they may check their list for errors before a certificate is awarded.


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