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(User-Pay Program) 2002-2003

Recreational use permits were developed to provide more revenue to private landowners in the Type I wildlife management area system. Money set aside by the FWC to pay landowners for the use of the hunting rights on their lands was not sufficient to compete with private leases. Rather than watch as wildlife management area after wildlife management area dropped out of the program, the FWC was authorized by the legislature to introduce the recreational use permit. Fees collected for recreational use permits go directly to the landowner, who in turn, keep their lands open for public hunting.

Recreational use permits are issued by the FWC for a specific wildlife management area. The permit allows the holder and his or her spouse or dependent children (under age 16) to engage in recreational activities, except hunting, on the designated wildlife management area. Only the permit holder and one dependent child (under age 16) may engage in hunting. If the spouse or more than one dependent child (under age 16) want to hunt, they must purchase their own recreational use permit. The recreational use permit may also be used as a wildlife management area permit when hunting wildlife management areas not under the recreational use program. Recreational use permits are not valid on other wildlife management areas in the recreational use program. Each permittee receives a permit to carry on their person and a permit for their vehicle. Recreational use permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a person receives a recreational use permit, they may renew the permit annually for two additional years. This makes the permit essentially a three-year permit. Recreational use permit renewals will be mailed to permit holders May 1. All recreational use permits not renewed by the June 1 deadline will be forfeited and the permit will be made available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

Recreational use permit applications will be available on or about June 15. Applications will be accepted beginning July 16. Applications will be available from FWC offices and from those tax collectors' offices in the counties surrounding the specific wildlife management area. Applications also may be downloaded from this link (pdf file, free Adobe Acrobat Reader required). All applications must be received from a postal delivery service or a commercial delivery service (such as Federal Express, UPS or other licensed courier service). Hand-delivered applications will only be accepted from a postal delivery service or a commercial delivery service as previously described.

Five wildlife management areas will be in the recreational use permit program for the 2000-2001 season:

  • Nassau - $197.00
  • San Pedro Bay - $225
  • Flint Rock - $206
  • Blue Water Creek (formerly Champion International) - $180
  • Twelve Mile Swamp - $425

The quota hunt permit is not required for those areas in the recreational use program. Since only those individuals with a recreational use permit may enter the area, a quota permit is not necessary.