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Sekerak, C. M., G. W. Tanner, and J. G. Palis. 1996. Ecology of flatwoods salamander larvae in breeding ponds in Apalachicola National Forest. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 50:321330.
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Flatwoods Salamander (Ambystoma cingulatum) Habitat Both
Flatwoods Salamander (Ambystoma cingulatum) Growth and Development Both
Flatwoods Salamander (Ambystoma cingulatum) Conservation and Management Both
Mole Salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum) Habitat Both
Dwarf Salamander (Eurycea quadridigitata) Habitat Both
Southern Leopard Frog (Rana sphenocephala) Habitat Both
Ornate Chorus Frog (Pseudacris ornata) Habitat Both
Southern Chorus Frog (Pseudacris nigrita ssp.) Habitat Both
Dwarf Salamander (Eurycea quadridigitata) Growth and Development Both
Mole Salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum) Growth and Development Both
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