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Enge, K. M., and K. N. Wood. 19992000. A herpetofaunal survey of Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area, Hernando County, Florida. Herpetological Natural History 7:117144.
Species Topic Find
Amphibians Area Inventory Both
Reptiles Area Inventory Both
Florida Gopher Frog (Rana capito aesopus) Reproduction Both
Amphibians Habitat Both
Reptiles Habitat Both
Amphibians Conservation and Management Both
Reptiles Conservation and Management Both
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad (Gastrophryne carolinensis) Distribution Both
Pinewoods Treefrog (Hyla femoralis) Distribution Both
Little Grass Frog (Pseudacris ocularis) Distribution Both
Broadhead Skink (Eumeces laticeps) Distribution Both
Eastern Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus ventralis) Distribution Both
Florida Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus) Distribution Both
Glossy Crayfish Snake (Regina rigida ssp.) Distribution Both
Florida Redbelly Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata obscura) Distribution Both
Florida Gopher Frog (Rana capito aesopus) Habitat Both
Anurans Reproduction Both
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