In 1998, study personnel began to place video cameras at nests to identify the types of prey Cooper's Hawks are catching during the breeding season. At the same time taping occurs at the nest, biologists track the adult male and female. The result is information on what the hawks are eating, where they catch their prey, how far away from the nest they hunt, the amount of time between prey captures, and whether the male or female caught each prey item. Generally, the male Cooper's hawk does most of the hunting during the breeding season. He will bring the food back to the nest area and give it to the female to feed to the chicks.  


   The video cameras used are very small and specially designed for this purpose. Cameras are mounted on copper tubing attached to a wooden pole. Project personnel climb the nest tree and attach the pole to the tree, with the aid of a person on the ground, who watches a monitor to make sure the camera is properly placed to view the nest.          


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