Study Area


     This study focuses on two areas in north Florida: Tall Timbers Research Station, which is 16.2 sq. km of privately owned land just north of Tallahassee, and a 238 sq. km area of private land in Suwannee County near Live Oak.




   The habitat at the Tall Timbers site is primarily old-field pine uplands. Trees are loblolly and short leaf pine with a shrubby understory. Along creeks and lakes, the habitat changes to hardwood bottoms with oak, beech, hickory and magnolia. Cooper's Hawks generally prefer to nest in the hardwood bottom areas of Tall Timbers.





    The Suwannee County study area is a fragmented landscape consisting of planted pine, agricultural fields, isolated oak woodlots and small homesteads. Cooper's Hawks generally nest in the oak woodlots on this study site.



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