Principal investigators on this study include: Brian Millsap, Tim Breen, Matt Mullinex, Laura Phillips, Alex Kropp, Libby McConnell, Johanna Degroff, Karen Lamonte, Keith Singleton, and Lora Silvanima.

    Thanks to all those who have helped: Stuart Cumberbatch, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Cook, Kris Brown, Angela Williams, Jim Feiertag, Leif Huhn, Joe Johnston, Bill Palmer, Tim Hanks, Joe Noble, Vince Carver and Susan Sharpley-Evans.

    Many thanks also to: St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic for the use of an owl, Brad Mueller at American Wildlife Enterprises for making our transmitters, Scott Stender ( for helping to set up our video system, John Christensen at Sandpiper Technologies Inc. for designing our camera system and Tall Timbers Research Station.

    We would especially like to thank all the landowners in our study areas that have supported us through the years.

Watch this site for results of this project as analyses of the data progress!!

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