Alligator Farming

Thinking about becoming a Florida alligator farmer?  You should research this idea thoroughly as the alligator hide market can be extremely variable and over-investment can result in business failure.  For a primer on what alligator farming involves, read the extension publications below and review the alligator farming regulations.  


Only 30 alligator farmers may be permitted to take hatchlings from the wild, and 30 alligator farmers may be permitted as eligible to participate in the collection and distribution of wild alligator eggs.  When an egg or hatchling permit becomes available, notice of such availability will be published in the Florida Administrative Weekly.  Persons wishing to apply for an available permit shall do so in writing within 30 days of publication of the original notice. Only persons licensed as alligator farmers may apply, and only one application per person will be accepted. Available permits shall be assigned based on a random drawing of qualified applicants.

The following files are in PDF format.


Extension publications:


Alligator Production in Florida 


Alternative Opportunities for Small Farms: Alligator Production Review  


Alligator Production:  An Introduction


Alligator Production: Breeding and Egg Incubation


Alligator Production: Grow-out and Harvest  


Other alligator farming information:


Farm Alligator Harvest Data


Alligator Farming and Farming Agent license applications


DACS Food Permit Information and Application Form (pdf)