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What's New
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  • Environmental Assessment for Control of Free-ranging Resident Mallards in Florida

  • Reducing Mallard Releases - Report to Commissioners, 5/15/02

  • Migratory Bird Permits Now Available On-Line

Florida Mottled Duck News Items

Off-Site Waterfowl/ Wetland News Items

  • President Bush Signs Historic Wetlands Conservation Bill

  • Federal Duck Stamp Winner Announced (10/02)

  • NWR Centennial Postage Stamp announced (10/02)

  • Resource Site for Wetland Education (Ducks Unlimited)

  • Brian Millsap to head Division of Migratory Bird Management (8/02)

  • Adaptive Harvest Management site 

  • Waterfowl Hunter and Guides Sentenced for Exceeding Daily Bag Limits (7/31)

  • Environmental groups support plan to protect unique duck sub-species (Florida mottled duck)

  • Service approves two non-toxic shot types  (1/01)

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