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Waterfowl Surveys 
in Florida

Each year the Waterfowl Management Section conducts several waterfowl surveys in Florida.  The intensity of data collection varies among surveys, depending on the purpose of the survey.  Any data presented here are incomplete and should not be used to draw inferences about waterfowl populations nor should they be used in any publication without first contacting the Waterfowl Management Section staff.

Helicopter / mottled duck survey

Mottled Duck Survey

Annual helicopter survey flown in the core of the mottled duck's breeding range in Florida, conducted in March.



Pre-Season Flights

Lake Miccouskee, Leon Co., FL




Annual duck count and habitat condition flight over local wetlands, conducted just prior to the opening of duck season.

Tallahassee area
   2000   2001  2002

Central Florida
   2000   2001  2002

Waterfowl Check Station Data:  

-  1999-2000