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waterfowl hunting
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waterfowl hunting
duck hunting 
duck hunting 
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Waterfowl Hunting 
in Florida

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          Wetland habitat covers a vast expanse of Florida, and much of this habitat is open and available for public hunting.  Large numbers of migratory ducks winter in the Sunshine State, particularly ring-necked ducks, scaup, teal, wood ducks, and wigeon.  In addition, three species, the mottled duck (a.k.a. Florida duck), wood duck, and fulvous whistling duck, live in the state year round.  Easy access to hunting areas and a hunter success rate nearly twice the national average make Florida a great place to hunt ducks. 

          In general, waterfowl hunting in Florida is permitted on any water body that has public access, unless it is closed for a specific reason, such as being in a park or in an area where the discharge of firearms is prohibited.  Wildlife management areas (WMAs), water management district (WMD) lands, and national wildlife refuges (NWRs) that offer duck hunting may have special permit requirements and restrictions on when and where you can hunt.  Regional offices of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) can provide additional information on WMAs and other duck hunting areas.  Please check with local law enforcement agencies for specific firearm discharge regulations on public water bodies prior to hunting. 

The U.S. FWS has regulations about hunting doves and waterfowl over agricultural crops. Click HERE to find out more.

For a current list of approved Non-Toxic Shot Types, click HERE.

If you have a DUCK BAND to report, click HERE.

2002-03 Regulations & Information

  • Hunting Information
    including License Requirements and Fees

  • 2002-03 Regular duck season, coot, and limited goose season regulations.  
    printable brochure

  • Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations - links to current status and issues related to the setting of waterfowl hunting regulations.
  • Approved non-toxic Shot Types

  • Adaptive Harvest Management

  • Division of Migratory Bird Management- a great source of information on migratory bird management in North America, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, current issues, reports, and press releases related to migratory birds.  Also includes: Federal and State roles in regulation setting process, and  Migratory Bird Hunting Regulation setting summary and timetable.

Duck Hunting in Florida