Breeding Bird Atlas download help

Getting started. To get the database from us, to you, just click on the name of the file you wish to download. Your browser will handle the transfer of the file to your local machine.  The tables are stored in dBase IV format which may be opened with dBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or Paradox.     When you click on the file you will be prompted whether you want to "Open the file from its current location" or "Save the file to disk".

 You should select "Save this file to disk", and then open the file with your database tool.   If you are using Microsoft Access the files may be either imported or attached.

Download speed. These files are not compressed and the speed of the download will depend upon how fast your connection is.   Next to the file the size of the file in kilobytes.  Following are some approximate download times depending upon your connection.

File name Overview Size Dialup download time 1 Mbyte connection
BIRDLIST.DBF Codes to describe the birds 54 kilobytes 2 seconds 1 second
CODES.DBF Codes to describe breeding 7 kilobytes 1 second 1 second
QUADS.DBF Description of the topo quads 86 kilobytes 3 seconds 1 second
BIRDS.DBF Atlas data 2, 950 kilobytes 2 minutes 3 seconds

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