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Beltz, E. 1994. HerPET-POURRI. Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society 29(11):254257.
Species Topic Find
American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Behavior Both
American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Husbandry Both
Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Evolution and Genetics Both
Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Movements Both
Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Reproduction Both
Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Conservation and Management Both
Atlantic Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Diseases and Contaminants Both
Atlantic Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Conservation and Management Both
Sea Turtles Movements Both
Sea Turtles Conservation and Management Both
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