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Dodd, C. K., Jr., and M. L. Griffey. 2002. Remarks on the current status of the non-marine herpetofauna of Egmont Key, Florida. Florida Scientist 65:6266.
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Amphibians Area Inventory Both
Reptiles Area Inventory Both
Cuban Treefrog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) Distribution Both
Cuban Treefrog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) Reproduction Both
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) Movements Both
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) Human Utilization Both
Mole Skink (Eumeces egregius ssp.) Distribution Both
Brown Anole (Anolis sagrei) Distribution Both
Indo-Pacific Gecko (Hemidactylus garnotii) Distribution Both
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