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          Stormwater Treatment Area Five (STA-5) is a 5,200 acre constructed wetland designed to reduce phosphorus loading to the northern Everglades and Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area.  The plants inside this constructed wetland are consuming phosphorus as they grow, eventually depositing much of the nutrient in the soils.  For decades, phosphorus from fertilizers and organic soils has been carried into the Everglades by storm runoff, causing a change in the Everglades landscape.  Too much of this essential nutrient has allowed cattail to invade the River of Grass, reducing the coverage of sawgrass and open water sloughs. Unfortunately, cattail does not provide the habitat necessary to support many of the plant and animal species that are unique to the Everglades.  STA-5 was constructed at a cost of over $37 million, and is one of six STAs mandated by the State of Florida’s Everglades Forever Act with a primary goal of reducing the amount of phosphorus that reaches the Everglades ecosystem.  In time, these STAs will help sawgrass replace cattail and return the entire ecosystem to a healthier condition.  The numerous levees, water control structures and monitoring equipment within STA-5 are critical to the success of the phosphorus control program.  Any damage to these facilities as a result of public access could restrict the continued public use of STA-5.  

          This waterfowl hunting area is a cooperative effort of the South Florida Water Management District and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in order to provide additional opportunities for recreation on public lands in South Florida.  Hunting is administered by the FWC through the South regional office (561-625-5122).  This WMA has specific regulations and is open to hunting only on certain days:  refer to the area brochure for details.  Hunters need to make advanced reservations to hunt this area (see area brochure for more details).

NOTE:  Calls for duck hunting reservations will be taken ONLY from 5-6 pm on the Mondays listed in the brochure as call in datesNo reservations will be given to callers at any other times. 

STA 5 Brochure

Waterfowl Season Harvest Data
- 2002-2003

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