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Florida books and magazines

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Children's Section

These fiction and non-fiction picture books and chapter books contain realistic interpretations of black bear life histories, experiences and behaviors.

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Audiovisual Resources about Florida Bears

The Imperiled Bears of Florida.  1995. Multi-media display (8’ x 8’) available free to libraries, museums and nature centers throughout Florida.  Contact Christine Small (863) 467-6343 OR Laurie Macdonald (727) 821-9585, Field Coordinators for the Habitat for Bears Campaign.

Understanding Human/Bear Conflicts in Florida.  2002.  7:15 minute video.  Distributed by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission using this order form.

Audiovisual Resources about Bears in General

Bears: Kings of the Wild.  1991. 23 minute video.  Distributed by Britannica, Chicago, IL.

On the Trail of Pennsylvania's Black Bears.  100 minute video.  Distributed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Sleeping Bears.  1986. 8 minute video.  Distributed by Bull Frog Films, Inc., Oley, PA.

Staying Safe in Bear Country.  2001.  47 minute video. A project of the Safety in Bear Country Society in co-operation with The International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA). To order the video, print and mail an IBA order form or call the distributor at 800-667-1500.